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Fungal infections

Nail fungus and athlete’s foot

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About 20 million people in Germany suffer from skin and nail mycoses, mainly filamentous fungi that infect the skin and then feed on keratin. Feet are "sealed off" in shoes and socks in a humid climate, a preferred habitat of these fungi.

An estimated 12 % of Europeans suffer from fungal infections of the nail, the frequency of which increases with age.

Successful mycosis treatment requires professional advice and systematic treatment through collaboration of patient, foot care specialist and physician.

If you persevere (fungal treatment may take 12 months or longer due to slow nail growth) and are willing to systematically implement the care instructions you’ll receive, even a serious case can be cured in collaboration with your physician.

Skin and nail fungus is a reason to take action but not a reason to be ashamed in front of your doctor or foot care specialist. Do not be discouraged!

Before treatment
During treatment
Fungal infections of the foot


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