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Fusspflge Michael Flindt
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Foot care practice

Light footed

Fußpflge - schwere Füße
Light-footed? Every day our feet bear a heavy load as they carry us through our lives. While we enjoy the fresh air our feet eke out a living in a dark, humid climate inside of socks and shoes. Only rarely do they receive the attention and care necessary to maintain their health.

Regular foot care

Regular foot care in a foot care specialist’s office is therefore more than just cosmetic. It helps skin and nails withstand continuous wear under difficult conditions and it allows professionals to notice changes in skin and nails early on.

Nail fungus

Mykosen und Pußpilz
However, if athlete’s foot and/or nail fungus have already taken hold, healing of these persistent conditions is usually only possible with appropriate medical care (diagnosis by and necessary medication from your doctor/dermatologist) and proper, systematic foot care, as offered by our foot care practice.


Fußpflege Flindt Praxis - Ihr Sepzialist für Mykosen
Foot care Michael Flindt
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