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foot care expert specialized in mycoses
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Fusspflge Michael Flindt
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Foot care

Fußpflege - Gesunde Füße
  • Foot care Treatment of nails and cuticles, removal of calluses and corns, massage with selected beauty products, care consultation
  • Fungus treatment (Athlete’s foot and nail fungus)
    Accompaniment of medical treatment of mycoses, ablation of the infected areas, surface treatment of the affected nails and skin, care instructions
  • Spa pedicure like “foot care“ plus aromatic foot bath, exfoliating foot mask (e.g., silk foam massage)
  • Foot reflexology


Fußpflege Flindt Praxis - Füße gepflegt und gesund
Foot care Michael Flindt
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Please note that I do not offer card payment in practice!
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